Atlanta’s Atrocious Traffic Problem Can Be Fixed If People Actually Used The HOV Lane

It's seriously there for a reason.
Atlanta’s Atrocious Traffic Problem Has Solutions That No One Is Using

The first thing that comes to most people's minds when they think of the great city of Atlanta is traffic. Atlanta traffic is the one thing that we all hate and despise, and honestly confused about how it gets so bad EVERY DAY.  Not only is it annoying and unnecessary, but the environment is suffering as well. We all complain about the traffic but do little to try to fix it. 

Atlanta residents spend, on average, 77 hours in traffic a year, according to the Urban Mobility Report conducted by Texas A&M Transportation Institute. That is 77 hours that you will never get back, scary thought right? If you are traveling to Atlanta from pretty much anywhere, you have to time it out to where you will not hit the city during peak traffic hours, AKA so much extra work. 

There are certain aspects to blame for this uproar of awful standstill in traffic during rush hours. The rise in population and people not taking advantage of carpooling and the HOV lane and not utilizing MARTA (as weak as it is)  are two large reasons for this hot mess.

Atlanta is apparently the place to be when you are thinking of relocating or moving your business because of the opportunities and how affordable it is. This means more cars and more people, which equals more traffic. Atlanta officials also do not want to spend money adjusting the lanes. 

It is also a big spot for movies and shows filming which adds even more fuel to the fire. People will come from all over to try to be in these popular films and shows, or try to be an extra in them, so they come to the city to shoot their shot, which means more people. You can blame the film industry for some of the traffic because of the amazing tax benefits Georgia Film, Television and Digital Entertainment Tax Credit has placed. 

You know, there' this really awesome lane on the left side of Georgia interstates that is super helpful if you have more than one person in the car, HOV lane people! Not only does carpooling help the environment, but it also helps elevate some of the traffic. You will get to work faster and help out the traffic issue.

MARTA is also an option in Atlanta that does not get used as much as it should. It has 48 miles of rail and has more than 1,000 miles of bus routes around the city. It is only $2.50 for a one-way trip which beats sitting in traffic and being late to work. 

With the number of people moving to the big city because of how affordable it is and thinking they might have the opportunity to become a big star, it is hurting our traffic issue even more. Just carpool or use MARTA and save all of us the rubbernecking. 

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