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Atlanta Is Hosting Its First-Ever Vegan Block Party This July And It Will Be Massive

Your Fourth of July weekend just got a lot hotter. And healthier.
Atlanta Is Hosting Its First-Ever Vegan Block Party This July And It Will Be Massive

Cookouts are a defining staple of summer, but for those of us who've given up meat, it can be hard to partake in the festivities. It's especially harder for anyone who has given up dairy too. Those challenges will be completely alleviated for one day because Atlanta is hosting its first-ever vegan block party this July. 

It's an entire block party, not just a cookout. From dancing, art, fashion, food, and music, everything will be in an effort to promote a healthier, plant-based lifestyle. You'll be surrounded by food porn for days at Shifting Energy Fairgrounds. 

Food is just one aspect of the day. Been wanting to break it down on the dance floor? Well, there's the chance to put your skills to the test during a dance class. If you're not much a dancer yourself, you can sit back and watch the Afrobeat flash mob kill every single beat.

With over 40 food and merchandise vendors, there's something to satisfy those who are and those who aren't even vegan. Bring your wallet, because these unique items by some of Atlanta's most creative entrepreneurs can only be found here. 

This event wouldn't be possible without the work of the event hosts, Issa Prescott and Akumba Ashanti.

"Akumba and I felt it not only necessary, but revolutionary to challenge the paradigm of 4th of July being such a meat-centric holiday," Prescott told Narcity

"As we learn the negative impact cattle farms have on the environment, this is a huge positive impact."

The possibilities of what you can eat and buy are endless when you're surrounded by this much food and sheer creativity. Expect greatness from some of the dopest vendors around, like:

  • ATL Juice Company 

  • Kristi's Cobblers

  • Junkyard Vegan

  • E 92nd Street Jewelry 

  • Doubles Doubles 

  • Vegan Me Please

  • Calaveritas

  • Exclusive Vegan

  • ....and more!

If you've been wanting to turn over a new leaf and try a plant-based lifestyle, you need to go. There are live food demos, so if you don't know where to start when it comes to cooking vegan, you can learn from the experts. 

The celebration takes place on July 6, and the tickets are completely affordable! General admission tickets are $5, but if you're feeling like royalty, you can treat yourself to VIP for $20. You'll have access to a specialty VIP tent, 1 free pressed juice, a ginger shot, and other small goodies. 

It feels like the city has been on a roll promoting a vegan lifestyle, especially with Slutty Vegan rolling through. Being plant-based is easy, especially when the city makes it taste so good. 

Plant Based Cookout 

Price: Tickets start at $5 for general admission 

Address: 1149 Lee Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

Why you need to go: This is the first time this festival has come to the city, so you need to support the best of the best entrepreneurs, all while seeing that being vegan is actually quite tasty. 


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