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Atlanta Is Hosting A Free Massive Ice Cream Festival This Summer

Who said you couldn't have ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
Atlanta Is Hosting A Free Massive Ice Cream Festival This Summer

Summertime equals ice cream and popsicles for dessert every night, but on July 27, you can have it all day long. Atlanta's Ice Cream Festival is back for another year, and is going to be better than ever with tons of vendors. 

Thousands of people come to this Atlanta festival each year and never leave disappointed, or hungry, and it is free admission! 

This festival has a little something for each person that comes to experience it. Not only is there ice cream, but there will also be food vendors and healthy activities that you can participate in. 

The event is free, but if you are going to want to try some ice cream and other cool treats, it is best to bring your wallet. 

The prices start around $2 and can be upwards of $10, depending on what you get. 

Atlanta Ice Cream Festival told Narcity that there will be over 140 vendors, food and non-food, at the festival and you will want to see them all.

You can expect to see vendors like Perennial Pop Co., a vegan popsicle company, Queen of Cream, homemade and vegan ice cream, Not As Famous Cookies, A Haute Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Milla's Macaroons. 

With all of these amazing vendors, you are going to want to try everything, so you better come with an empty stomach because this is a seven-hour event. 

To work off all the sugar you will be consuming, the event will be having fun health events that you can participate in. 

There will be Zumba, yoga, exercise routines, and you will see that they have hula hoop, frisbee, and jump rope competitions. Make sure you give yourself at least 30 minutes for all your food to digest before partaking in these activities. 

If you are worried about going into a sugar coma, you can fill up with some real food from vendors like Low Co Motion ATL and Superior Vegan food trucks. 

You can indulge in all this goodness on July 27, 2019, in Piedmont Park from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Atlanta Ice Cream Festival

Price: Free! But for the treats, prices can range from $2 to $10 or more. 

Address: 10th Street and Charles Allen Dr. Atlanta, Georgia

Why you should go: It is a free festival that will have over 140 vendors!


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