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"Murder Kroger" Will Never Die

It's definitely come back to life.

If you've lived in Atlanta for any length of time, you likely know what we mean when we say "Murder Kroger". The infamous grocery store in Atlanta has ironically been the laughing stock of the town for the past couple decades due to a death in the parking lot in the early '90s. Atlanta's "Murder Kroger" closing was a major deal. However, with the recently opened replacement, we see a major rebranding in the store's future.

Murder Kroger got its name when a 25-year-old woman was shot to death in the parking lot in 1991. Since then, there was alledgedly a murder in the apartments that share the Kroger parking lot, in addition to the discovery of a dead body in a car parked in the lot. Then in 2015, a father of four was fatally shot in the chest in this same parking lot. Needless to say, this Kroger's reputation wasn't the best. We're hoping that the brand new replacement can turn that around and get rid of the bad luck. 

Take note that it's such a renowned Atlanta landmark that everyone has actual T-shirts with a Kroger-style logo reading "Murder." There was also a candle-lit memorial when the old building was demolished in 2016. With this much notoriety, it's going to take a lot of branding and marketing for people to call this new development anything but "Murder Kroger."

The new and improved Kroger at 725 Ponce is a massive 65,000-square-foot modern masterpiece that you'd never think is a grocery store. Which actually makes sense because it is much more than that. 

You're going to want to do more than pick up produce when you visit because there is an actual walk-up bar in the store called Pub on Ponce Beer & Wine. There's also a massive Starbucks with a patio that grants access to The BeltLine, so developers are trying to get this new location to be called "Beltline Kroger." However, Atlanta is not taking the bait.  

Even better is the barbecue restaurant inside, B's Cracklin BBQ, because grocery shopping just makes you hungry sometimes. Narcity reached out to the developers of the formerly (but not really) known as "Murder Kroger" and will update once new information is recieved.

The new spot totally fits the Ponce-y/BeltLine vibe with sleek architecture covered in vibrant modern murals. There is also a grassy rooftop with plants and beehives.

Make sure to stop by for a meal and some drinks before heading out to the BeltLine. Atlanta has unaminously decided (at least on Twitter) that this building will still be called "Murder Kroger."

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