If you thought the Atlanta real estate market couldn't get any bigger or hold any more people, you better start thinking again. A new "mini-city" idea has been in the works for a little bit, but now there is an expected date for this destination to launch. The former General Motors Plant in Dekalb County is turning into a city, within a city. 

"Assembly," will be in Doraville, Georgia and it is slated to be fully-developed and ready to go in the year 2021. There will be shops, companies, office buildings, residential areas, and even activity spots once Assembly is complete. 

We know what you are all thinking. You are thinking, "we are packed full, no one else is allowed in." Once you see this place and really see how many jobs it'll bring in, you might change your mind. 

Back in March, it was announced that within the next two years, we should start seeing upscale residential units and office spaces that will equal out to 15,000 jobs. You might love it so much, you just might live here. We are telling you now, this place is going to be HUGE. 

It is said that at one point, developers and owners of the Falcons considered this very spot to build the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Obviously, there has to be some play to go with all that work, and the developers will bring it. They have set 125,000 square feet just for restaurants, retail, and entertainment space. There will even be an open-container ordinance at this destination. Can it get any better?

It was just announced (October 2) that there will be a large food hall and an upscale movie theater added into the mix. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will find its home in this city with unique cuisines and the perfect spot for date night. 

There are even rumors that there will be self-driving shuttles and we must say, that is pretty sweet. This mini-city is a great addition to the Atlanta area, and we will see in just two short years.