It is no surprise that the adorable Baby Yoda has completely taken over social media since the release of Disney+'s The Mandalorian. This little guy might be one of the best things Disney has come out with and we are living for him. Some Atlanta artists have jumped on the hype and have actually created a mural of him. This Baby Yoda mural on Atlanta's Beltline might be the best piece of art in the city. 

The master creators of this incredible piece are Chris Veal and Nels G. They celebrated the new year by perfecting this mural and giving their all into it. Each of them posted it on their Instagram profiles and there are hundreds of people praising them.

The Beltline is known for its beautiful masterpieces that are fun for locals and visitors to find and take photos in front of, but we have a feeling this mural will become the most popular. 

Even people who are just passing through want to experience this thing for themselves. The piece is located on the wall near the Freedom Parkway Underpass if you don't have too much time to adventure down the entire Beltline to find it. 

One of the creators, Nels G. explained how the mural is a symbol of the new year and used as a connection between Star Wars and the younger fans it now has. Pretty much bringing all generations together by one art piece. 

The detailing in the mural is absolutely insane and it only took the artists six hours to complete it. If you're not a huge Star Wars fan, you can even appreciate the incredible art and talent it took to create this. 

The weather is starting to warm up which makes it the perfect time to take a stroll to see this mural and all the other amazing ones down the Beltline.

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