You Can Stay In This Bubble Tent Airbnb In Atlanta For Just $60 A Night

You will feel like you're in outer space.
Cheap Airbnb In Atlanta Is Actually An Outdoor Bubble Tent & It's Only $60 A Night

Airbnbs are the new hotels, and we are not mad about it at all. Anytime you travel somewhere, your best bet to save yourself some money is to find a unique stay and split it between you and your friends, instead of staying in a hotel. This cheap Airbnb in Atlanta is actually a bubble tent that you can stay in for cheap. 

The Fluffy Bubble Tent is right around the Glenwood Park area in Atlanta. It is behind a little antique house and it'll make you feel like you are in one of those outer space tents you used to love going into when you were in elementary school. The tent only sleeps two guests, so it's a great getaway for you and your significant other. 

This unique Airbnb is probably nothing that you've experienced before, and this time of year is the perfect time to try it out. It's the only one of its kind in Atlanta and it's fairly new (opened this summer) so it'll be a hot commodity this season.

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If you have ever dreamt of being an astronaut and going to outer space, this is probably the closest you will get in Atlanta to that dream.

There are different bubbles in the structure for each room inside. It includes one bedroom with a 12-inch gel memory foam queen mattress, so it'll feel like you are sleeping on a cloud pretty much. There is also an outdoor bathroom that's steps away from the tent on the back deck of the "house."

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There is a huge skylight at the top of the tent which makes for a perfect spot for stargazing. Instead of having to go all the way to an open field and have to deal with bugs everywhere, you'll be protected by the bubble. 

If you are worried about the air situation, there is a full A/C unit inside that will keep the duration of your stay nice and chilly. The owners will show you all the ins and outs to the #bubblelife before you take it on for yourself. 

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It's only $60 a night to stay at this unique Airbnb and it's in a prime Atlanta location. It sure beats staying in an overpriced, generic hotel. 

If you are looking for more cheap Airbnbs, there are a ton in Georgia to choose from (depending on your dates of course). 

The Fluffy Bubble Tent 

Price Per Night: $60

Neighborhood: Near Glenwood Park in Atlanta 

Why You Need To Go: This is an experience you have probably never seen before. You can actually stay inside of a bubble with air conditioning and electricity.