When it comes to taking a vacation, deciding whether to drive or fly is always a topic of discussion. For most, deciding to drive is the cheaper option, but when flight prices drop it really opens up your options. Spirit Airlines is running some seriously cheap flight deal from Atlanta to Orlando — we might just have a mini vacay in our future.

According to Spirit's deals page, flights out of Atlanta to Orlando are running as low as $25.50 each way through October & November as a part of the $9 Fare Club Deals, clocking in a round trip flight for less than $100 in many cases. 

You'll find multiple departing & returning flights from Atlanta to Orlando in the $25 to $70 range, making your trip that much more affordable. Those wanting to stay closer to the $25 each way price point are looking at departing or returning on a Monday or Tuesday. Prices generally go up for weekend travel.

Those looking to make a trip in December might also be in luck. The $25.50 tickets are also showing available dates scattered throughout the Holiday Season. While ticket prices are low, some baggage fees may apply — be sure to take that into account when packing for your trip.

All the money that you can save on your flight will open you up to a ton of cool experiences in the Sunshine State, and there are plenty of cheap & free things to do near Orlando — and certainly more unique things that won't cost you an arm & a leg like Disney.

Whether you venture out for a beach day to go hunting for seashells & sand dollars, stay close to the city to explore hidden post-apocalyptic bars and Naruto or Dragon Ball Z themed noodle shops, or take a 2.5 hour road trip to one of the clearest springs in the entire state, you may just be able to do it all with all the cash you save on air-fare. You can even visit Bob Ross' grave just outside of Orlando; now that's a unique experience to tell your friends about!

With ticket prices this low they're are likely to sell out fast; time to get planning that vacay asap!

If you're planning your Florida vacation and looking for affordable places to stay, check out these cheap cottage Airbnbs. If you're willing to travel a ways from the airport, there's an entire Tiny Home Resort just across a bridge from one of Florida's most famous beaches that's surprisingly cost-effective too.

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