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You Can Be An Extra For Chris Pratt's New Movie Filming In Atlanta This Month

Shooting in the Mercedes Benz Stadium.
You Can Be An Extra For Chris Pratt's New Movie Filming In Atlanta This Month

Not every actor wants to get their big start by taking the next thing smoking to California. Sometimes you can get your big break right in your hometown, even as just an extra. They are no small parts, they say. This month, Chris Pratt is filming new movie "Ghost Draft" in Atlanta and they need extras for a massive World Cup scene. This could be your big chance to show them what you got! 

Ghost Draft is the latest gig for the Avengers superhero and not many details have been released just yet. The synopsis is Pratt plays a man drafted to fight in a "futuristic war" to save all of humanity. The problem is he has to face his own past to make it happen. *cue dramatic suspense music*

While we don't know much about the film, we know that right now they're cast a massive amount of extras for an international World Cup scene. The filming will take place in the gigantic Mercedes Benz Stadium and practically anyone fits the criteria.

They're looking for people 18 and up of all ethnicities to fill the stadium with crazy screaming fans. It's even better if you've never acted before because they stress "new faces" are desired. Being an extra is super simple; just show up, get fitted and stand where the staff tells you. It's a pretty straight forward gig. Even better, it pays $80 and you will get overtime after eight hours. We could all use a few "extra" dollars, right?

Shooting begins Sept. 23 so if you're interested you should start looking into this opportunity now. Atlanta is becoming the go-to place to film the next big movies and shows so get ready to see film sets all around the city. While you're waiting around being extra, you should grab cheesesteak egg roll at this new Philly-inspired spot in the city

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