Coca-Cola is what fuels the South. With the headquarters being in Atlanta, Georgia, you know that Georgians love their Coke products just as much as they like to breathe air and this homegrown company just announced something big. Coca-Cola debuted its subscription box and it's what we all have ever needed. 

The Coca-Cola Insider's Club subscription box is every soda lover's dream come true. The company is always coming out with new products throughout the year, and now you get to be one of the beta testers that try them out.

Since this idea is so new, only 1,000 people were able to order this week, and it sold out within hours. There will be other opportunities to subscribe to this box, so you aren't out of luck. 

You'll be able to try over 20 new drinks that the company is planning to launch in the upcoming year. All this for only $10 a month, which is a great deal when you think about it. 

There has been an uprise of subscription services within the past few years, so Coca-Cola jumping in on the fun is something we're sure most of us — especially Georgia residents — will enjoy. 

The Digital Experiences Manager of Coca-Cola North America McCrea O’Haire explained how the Insider's Club lets the company show off all its newest items and demonstrate how diverse the drinks can be, to fit everyone's needs. 

To get on the waiting list to receive one of these incredible subscriptions, all you have to do is sign up with your email and you'll be the first to know when spots open up. 

Atlanta is such a hub for the newest and best innovations and there are always things popping up. Soon there will be a boozy mini-golf bar that is pretty much an adult playground, and there's a new 25-acre park that is right down the road from the World of Coca-Cola. 

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