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Cool Restaurants In Atlanta Include This One That Lets You Dine Outdoors In An Igloo

It's no secret that Atlanta restaurants like to be over the top with their menu items & amenities for their guests, especially around the holidays. One trend that was a hit last season was the opportunity to enjoy bites and booze in an igloo. This cool restaurant in Atlanta will be bringing them back soon for another year of unique dining experiences.

Publico Atlanta is not only known for their Latin cuisine and pineapple drinks, but they are also known for their igloos they break out during the colder, fall/winter months. Since the igloos are geometric domes that are supposed to keep you warm, they are not put out until the weather decides to cool down. 

Publico told Narcity that they will usually start putting them out after the first of November, but it all depends on good ole Mother Nature. We know that Georgia is weird about its weather, so they say to keep a lookout after Halloween to see what the weather decides to do. 

Last year was the first year of these cool domes and they were a hit. Everyone wanted a reservation for these igloos and the restaurant was getting around 60-70 reservation requests every day. 

You can reserve them online through their website and they can seat anywhere from two to 14 guests. You will get two hours in your igloo with your party, secluded from the rest of the world for that time. 

It is a dining experience that is unlike any other. They are lit up with lights on the outside and they are heated so you do not have to worry about freezing to death while you sit outside. Your furry friends are also welcome because they are dog-friendly!

If you have never been to this spot for dinner before, some of their popular menu items are the Cuban nachos, literally any of their tacos, and the build-your-own Poke bowls. You can enjoy these all in the comfort of your own igloo. 

This is the perfect spot for a date night or a night with all your girlfriends for a Secret Santa swap. Another holiday season event coming to Atlanta in the next month or so is this gigantic German Christmas market that you absolutely must check out. 

Publico Atlanta 

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Latin

Address: 1104 Crescent Ave. N.E., Atlanta, GA

Why You Need To Go: Publico will set out their igloos when the weather cools down and it is a unique dining experience you will want to try out. 

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