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This Atlanta Man Is Creating Mobile Hand-Washing Stations For The Local Homeless Community

The epitome of community support in trying times.
Coronavirus Outbreak In Atlanta May Be Helped With Mobile Sanitation For The Homeless

Now more than ever, many people are coming together to provide support to those in need. A local volunteer in ATL is stepping up to the plate by implementing even more of his selfless acts of service to the homeless community among the Coronavirus outbreak in Atlanta. Local hero, Terence Lester, is creating mobile hand-washing stations for the less fortunate.

Atlanta resident Terence Lester co-founded the Georgia-based nonprofit organization, Love Beyond Walls, with his wife in 2013. "Love Beyond Walls has launched several national awareness campaigns to advocate for those experiencing homelessness," Terence tells Narcity.

"It is an organization that focuses on telling the stories of and building relationships with people living on the streets."

He's now going above and beyond to support public health to help halt the spread of COVID-19 by building portable sanitizing stations to be dispersed throughout the city. 

"They are [assembly-based] handwashing stations that are used in RVs," says Lester. "We had the idea to use them for people experiencing homelessness because many don’t haveaccess to running water and no way to wash their hands." 

He notes that it is more likely for the homeless community to spread germs and maintain consistent sanitation while living on the streets. 

Terence says it costs anywhere from $100 to $150 to build the portable sinks and they will install 15 stations in the city with hopes to partner with additional states. 

Terence's overall mission for the homeless population is to focus on "narrative justice and changing the false narratives about those experiencing this plight."

At age 16, he experienced homelessness himself. He recalls "living from friend’s house to friend’s house, and occasionally sleeping in parks."

Because of his own struggles, he is now able to provide hope and aid for those currently living through similar battles. 

Terrence also mentions, "Now, I am working towards my PhD and have a passion to advocate for people who I can relate to."

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