If you've ever dreamed of journeying around the world and getting paid for it, you're either meant to be a travel blogger or flight attendant. The first option might be a little out of reach, but being a flight attendant is as accessible as submitting an application on Delta's website. Delta Airlines is hiring 1000 or more flight attendants for their 2020 class and you can be part of their elite crew. 

This new class of flight attendants will begin training for the number one ranked U.S. airline after making it through rounds of video interviews, assessments, background checks, drug tests, and a face-to-face interview. Applications are open now and only consist of a few short questions before possibly moving on to the next round. 

If you think you've got what it takes to adjust to the hectic schedules but oh-so-worth-it destinations, you must have at least a high school diploma or GED, be 21 and up, and have experience in customer service. One big no-no is having tattoos that will be visible in uniform. 

The 2020 class of flight attendants will train right here in Atlanta for six weeks. Your hotel stay is provided and so are a few meals. You'll also receive training pay. When you're not drowning in studying, you can take some time to explore gems in the city like the Sugar Factory and Velvet Taco. Giant milkshakes + tacos = the prime stress relief. 

Once you graduate from training and have your wings, you'll be placed at a base AKA where most of the flights you work originate from. Atlanta is a base, so there's a big chance you'll make a home out of the A (if you haven't already). If operational needs put you in another city, know that you'll likely see Atlanta in passing on a layover. 

Delta flies all over the world to several destinations in the United States, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania. Eventually, you'll be able to hit all these areas of the world, especially during multi-day layovers. 

If this sounds like the ideal fit you for you, get your two-piece suits together, your resume perfected, and sky-high confidence to conquer any interviews. 

One other surprise to anyone that works in the airline industry is that Hartsfield-Jackson International Aiport is getting its first on-site hotel very soon, which might benefit you in your new career.