Dwight Howard's $8.8 Million Atlanta Mansion Is Avenger Legacy Goals (VIDEO)

Where he parks his Thanos-inspired Purple Rolls Royce.
Dwight Howard's $8 Million Atlanta Mansion Is An Avenger Lover's Dream Home

If you know anything about the NBA, you've probably heard of Dwight Howard from the LA Lakers. The 6'11" eight-time All-Star and Olympic gold-medalist is chock full of talent, energy and adventure, which is showcased in his whimsical residence in ATL. Dwight Howard's $8.8 million mansion in Atlanta definitely proves his fun-loving millennial spirit with exotic pets and superhero paraphenalia literally everywhere.

Howard's recent interview with a sports reporter gives us a complete tour of his 35,000-square-foot mansion with a $8.8 million price tag. The mansion, located in the metro Atlanta area, has five kitchens, three laundry rooms, and a gigantic 14-car garage, which also houses his purple Thanos-inspired Rolls Royce.

Inside his monstrous masterpiece of a home live exotic snakes that grow up to 200 pounds. Howard's love for The Avengers franchise (hence the luxury Thanos car) is represented throughout his home, which is filled with  memorabilia and framed photos of superheroes. He also has a pair of the original Nike's from Back To The Future and tons of autographed shirts from his favorite basketball players.

Howard's sense of adventure represented through his massive mansion proves that he's truly a kid at heart. He told sports reporter Graham Bensinger that he didn't grow up with much and because of that, he takes nothing for granted and values every moment.

Even Dwight himself is in shock of his own extravagant living quarters. “I can’t believe I have a home like this,” he tells Bensinger.

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