This All-New "Sister IHOP" Is Launching In Atlanta With A BYO-Pancake Bar (PHOTOS)

Coming March 2020!
This All-New "Sister IHOP" Is Launching In Atlanta With A BYO-Pancake Bar (PHOTOS)

If you live in the South, you're familiar with the Waffle House/IHOP wars. Some are die-hard fans of WaHo, but IHOP is just as good (and there's no reason we can't love both). Nothing beats all-day breakfast and the new Flip'd by IHOP is bringing more of it to you with the fast-casual concept launching next year in Atlanta only.

Flip'd is like a mini version of IHOP designed for those on-the-go. Of course you can dine in as well but the new spot will feature grab-and-go salads and wraps for the busy bees. You'll also find popular IHOP classics like steak burgers and buttermilk crispy chicken that you can enjoy on-site or take to-go. 

Flip'd will also offer made-to-order selections like breakfast burritos, egg combos and Ultimate Sandwiches. There's even *queue angelic music* a build-your-own pancake bar. Top the fluffy breakfast treats with blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, fruit compotes, chocolate chips, caramel sauce and more. 

They will even serve pancake bowls finished with traditional sweet toppings like fresh berries and sauces or savory ingredients including scrambled eggs, hickory smoked bacon and cheese.

Afterall, it is the International House of Pancakes, so this is the best way to live up to its name. 

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You can order quickly at the digital kiosks, order ahead online for pick-up or even have your food delivered (because let's be real, some days we just want breakfast in bed). 

IHOP is smart to introduce a new speedy-but-fresh food concept in Atlanta because the city is gradually reaching NYC-level hustle-and-bustle and Millennials are constantly in a rush.

The location is expected to open in April, but the exact location is currently unknown. Narcity will follow the story and provide updates when possible.

If you're already craving massive stacks of flapjacks and fluffy breakfast burritos but you don't live in the South, not to worry because they are also planning on opening additional locations in Denver, D.C., NYC and San Francisco in 2020.

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