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Free Admission To The World Of Coca-Cola All Day This Sunday

If there is one thing almost all Georgian's can agree on, it's how amazing Coca-Cola is. It may not be the best for you, but there is nothing better than taking that first sip of a Coke and having every hair stand up on your body. This Sunday, guests will receive free admission to The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, which has never been done before. 

The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia is celebrating the company's 100th anniversary of becoming a publicly-traded company and we get to celebrate with them! 

Just one share of the company back in 1919 would only be worth $40. If you compare that same share and reinvested dividends today, it would equal to over $18 million. Is anyone really surprised though?

We can all thank the company for its success because we all get free admission on Sunday, Dec. 8. Usually, admission to the museum is around $17 (and then some if you want to get fancy and buy VIP tickets). 

This has never been done before, so you better take advantage of this amazing deal. Visitors will also receive a commemorative glass Coca-Cola bottle, while supplies last of course, so get there early. 

The 92,000-square-foot space will be yours to roam and there will be so much to see. There are so many interactive exhibits that will just make you smile. 

When you get to the tasting room, you might get overwhelmed by the 100+ options of Coca-Cola products you'll be able to try, including Beverly (a fan favorite, if you know you know). 

The museum will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and you'll probably spend most of your day here. Make sure to get there before the opening so you can be one of the first to enter for free!

World of Coca-Cola 

Price: Free

When: December 8

Address: 121 Baker Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Why You Need To Go: This is the first time in history the World of Coca-Cola is opening its doors for free. 

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