If you're like many animal lovers who are looking for calming relief right now, you may have been watching Georgia Aquarium's live streams. It seems humans aren't the only ones in love with the big blue tanks. Georgia Aquarium's live cam received an in-person visit from kittens this week and it's too adorable to miss. 

The Atlanta Humane Society received such positive feedback from bringing puppies to the Georgia Aquarium a couple of weeks ago, that they figured the kittens needed the therapeutic break as well. 

In a recent video posted on Georgia Aquarium's official Facebook page, you'll see five kitties run around (or more like lounge around) in front of the massive tank of colorful fish, sharks and other marine life. 

The kittens were introduced to the Tropical Diver gallery and came face-to-face with jellyfish and the friendly aquarium divers.  

The video captioned, "We’re smitten with these kittens.. Atlanta Humane Society is back by popular demand and this time with five fuzzy felines to meet our tropical fish," has received over 6,000 shares and over 1,000 comments. 

Most comments on the video are positive and clearly a much-needed break from the many Zoom conferences happening everywhere right now.

One user applauded, "Thanks for catering to us cat people! Here is my little one at home doing the same" with a shared photo of their own kitty. 

Many viewers were interested in adopting one (or a few) of the kittens, but these babies are currently not up for adoption.

The Atlanta Humane Society confirmed, "They are not available for adoption, but you can see all of the animals up for adoption at the Atlanta Humane Society during this time at atlantahumane.org."

The video of the puppies along with many other deep-sea videos is available on the Georgia Aquarium's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

These videos, along with the shark tank live streams, are the perfect way to feel connected to the peachy city from the safety of your home.