There Is A Massive Vintage Bookstore In Georgia That Sells Books $2 Per Pound

Over 70,000 titles to choose from.
Georgia Bookstore Has Over 70,000 Vintage Books & Sells By The Pound For Only $2

Most of us spend our time staring at our phones, laptops, smart TVs and watches and pretty much anything that's digital, which kind of sucks. Even though these screens pull us in majority of our days, sometimes it's really good to just look up or even find something vintage and timeless to grab our attention. This Georgia bookstore has rows and rows of your new literary babies that can all be purchased for only for $2 per pound. 

Books By The Pound in Lawrenceville, Georgia pretty much tells you what they're all about. This massive 20,000 square foot building has a stock of over 70,000 used books that all need new loving homes. The store owners set out to do something that they've only seen done on smaller scales. In an interview with Gwinnett Daily Post, co-owners Cris Williams and Justin Krewatch say they've seen bookstores of a similar concept, but competitors sell books by the pound for (on average) $7.99. 

The owners originally weren't so sure about the growth of the store, with closing guaranteed after three months if they didn't have success. Well, Georgia showed up and proved these guys wrong with business booming more than ever. Even Atlantans travel less than an hour Outside Of The Perimeter (OTP) to visit this store and potentially grab new titles for personal collections.

Bookworms can buy three pounds of books for $3.99, a second set of five pounds for $2.99 and then $1.99 per single pound. Even if you grab a few paperbacks and a couple of hard covers, you're still likely to keep your total under $30. That's a crazy discount since most books these days start at around $24.

If you're looking to add a few titles to your home library, this is the perfect place to visit and also makes for a cheap date if you and bae are both book nerds.

Books By The Pound is currently rebranding their website so the best way to stay connected for all the specials and deals going on is to follow the Books By The Pound Facebook page.

The store is open until 9 p.m. so you can seriously stay in book heaven all day long. For a perfect day, you have to grab a bunch of books and then head to a cute Mexican restaurant to chow down on 20 different taco choices

Books By The Pound

Price: $1.99 to $3.99

Address: 2100 Riverside Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Why You Need To Go: This 20,000 square foot bookstore sells books by the pound for only $2. Need we say more?