With states reopening, medical professionals are working even harder to find a way to combat COVID-19. It's been found that some people have antibody-rich blood plasma that can help those with the virus and could boost their immunity to the virus. Georgia's novel coronavirus cases are on the rise, and the state is now conducting voluntary at-home testing starting today. 

Today, Tuesday, April 28, those who live in Fulton and DeKalb counties could be chosen to be tested voluntarily for antibodies. 

These tests will help the CDC learn more about the spread of the virus in metro communities. It's important to know that these tests aren't meant to diagnose if someone has COVID-19.

"This investigation will help us estimate the percentage of people in the community who have been infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. Some people may have had COVID-19 but were not tested, did not have any symptoms, or did not seek medical care," writes the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Those living in these counties could be randomly chosen to be tested between April 28 and May 4. Teams will ask the residents about their recent health history, as well as collect blood samples from everyone in the house, including children. 

While the test and surveys are completely voluntary, the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health highly recommend participation to help combat the virus.

The CDC explained that the team that will be showing up should have an official CDC vest, as well as a badge. They'll have an official letter verifying their activities and identities. 

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