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Shaq Has A New Cooking Show Coming To Atlanta Next Year & We Are So Pumped

Is there even an apron big enough to fit him?
Shaq Has A New Cooking Show Coming To Atlanta Next Year & We Are So Pumped

The biggest and baddest basketball superstar is more than just a seven-foot-tall athletic phenomenon; he's a funny and lovable giant that has ventured beyond the court and into the kitchen since his retirement. Shaq's new cooking show, In the Kitchen with Shaq, will launch next year live from Atlanta and we're expecting it to warm our hearts and wet our tastebuds.

Shaquille O'Neal may have left his basketball career in 2011, but he's still out there making money moves as a TV personality and restaurateur. His Las Vegas-based restaurant, Big Chicken, is seriously the food porn of your dreams and he's bringing his chef skills to the big screen on ShopHQ in March 2020.

He also owns a new Papa John's franchise in Atlanta, so check it out if you haven't already.

The big teddy bear of a guy is hard not to love (especially when his heart of gold jumps out with random acts of kindness like buying a home for an injured boy and his family). We're going to love him even more when he's sporting an apron and whipping up something oh-so-yum.

In the Kitchen with Shaq will broadcast live weekly from The Peach State's capital and we couldn't be more thrilled. There's even word that his mom Lucille will join him on the program. 

The new program is brought to you by a new partnership with iMedia Brands, Inc. and it's expected to do big things for ShopHQ since the home shopping channel isn't doing so hot lately.

Shaq has a new line of cookware and accessories, currently sold on ShopHQ, which will be featured on the show. 

We're hoping Shaq's new venture will be a big hit and we can at least say that we will definitely be tuning in. Who knows, we may even be able to spot him out and about in the city. We can only hope we're close enough to sniff out what's cooking.

Speaking of basketball all-stars, have you heard that Dwayne Wade is also a new TV Personality in the ATL? Our eyes are peeled for D Wade and Gabrielle.

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