This past Saturday, February 29, one of Atlanta United's star players was badly injured during a match against Nashville Soccer Club. Although they still pulled the win, Georgia fans have their fingers crossed that Josef Martinez's injury won't cost the team any victories in the future. Martinez supporters are showing all their love on social media as he heals.

Atlanta United's week one victory against Nashville SC goes to show how the team continues to carry over success in the new season. However, a win doesn't always come without obstacles.

Star forward Josef Martinez is an ATL UTD MVP. He wobbled out of last week's match with what could be a serious leg injury.

After a collision with an opponent, Josef collapsed to the ground in pain, but he attempted to push through and finish out the rest of the game.

However, despite his heart saying yes, his body said no. He was escorted out of the stadium on crutches and fans awaited to recieve further information on the seriousness of the hit. 

Josef shared a heartfelt message with his followers on Instagram yesterday, March 2, and they returned the kind gesture with an overwhelming amount of concern, love and support.

"Thank you to all who took time to send so many positive and encouraging messages, I read them all and they give me strength in this difficult period. Thanks to my teammates, players around the league, other teams and most of all the fans. See you soon," reads the caption.

Responses are superfluous.

"We love you, King! Best of luck in your rehab, we know you'll be back stronger than ever," replies one Twitter user.

One fan gets in their feels, posting a GIF of Andy Samberg captioned "Alright. I'm gonna go cry."

Although there are no current updates about the severity of his injuries or next steps, an official MLS Soccer article confirms that the injury involves Martinez's knee, as reported by Head Coach Frank de Boer.