This Atlanta YouTuber Tried To Crash Justin Bieber's Wedding & It Was A Complete Fail

And it's all because of the drone, smh.
Justin And Hailey's Wedding Was On Lockdown From This Atlanta YouTuber

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are one of the most-loved celeb couples of our time and they finally tied the knot at the end of September in South Carolina. Not surprisingly, Atlanta YouTuber Eric Decker, who is known for his efforts to crash celeb events, tried to crash the Justin and Hailey's wedding and it was a complete fail with hysterical moments along the way.

Atlanta-native Eric Decker dedicates most of his time creating viral videos of himself and his friends trying to sneak into exclusive places like big music festivals and the Hawkins Lab on the set of Stranger Things (which is allegedly already filming in Georgia for season 4).

That said, he and his buddy, Peyton Curtis, drove all the way from ATL to Bluffton, South Carolina to crash what was intended to be a quaint and peaceful wedding celebration for the A-list couple. Ironically enough, Decker isn't the biggest JB fan, but was drawn to the idea because he figured other celebs and friends of the pop star would be in attendance. 

Well, too bad for him because (despite his fiery determination) he was not able to get past the 12-person security team manning the venue to fulfill his wedding crashing goals. His genius plan to pretend he and his friend were a gay couple planning to take engagement photos at the site, didn't quite sit well with the guards.

However, The YouTube sensation claims that he doesn't take no for an answer and was certain he'd be able to get past security. Although the first attempt failed, his perseverance eventually got him through. The 22-year-old overzealous YouTube star took to Google Maps to show them an alternate entrance where they were actually waved in.

They were welcomed in hours before the wedding and tried to blend in before the big event happening later that evening. Resort guests assumed they were video bloggers present to capture beautiful Bieber-Baldwin moments.

They completely blew their shot to attend the ceremony because they brought out a drone to capture exclusive footage for their video (the things vloggers do for clicks). Way to stay undercover, boys. We're shaking our heads too because they were SO close to getting away with it.

Security and organizers didn't have any information indicating that a drone would be present, so the two crashers were surrounded by security and escorted to their car. Apparently they saw Katy Perry doing her makeup, so there's that. We'd say it was a waste of a trip, but it actually sounds pretty thrilling and definitely makes for a cool story. 

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