Every once in a while, an event takes place that makes us all realize how short and precious life really is. Yesterday, the world was shocked to hear the news that NBA legend Kobe Bryant passed in a helicopter crash that also took the life of his daughter Gianna and seven other passengers.

Fans were (and still are) devastated to hear the news of 41-year-old Bryant's untimely death. However, across the country, his fans have found ways to honor Bryant's talent, work ethic, and kindness. Atlanta artist 404Era has chosen to honor him with a mural they're painting in the Historic Fourth Ward Skate Park.

Narcity asked why they chose to honor Bryant’s legacy in this manner and the artist replied, "Honestly, for me, Kobe was a virtuoso that I loved to watch and loved to hate. But I only hated him because he wasn't on the Hawks.

"With Kobe, you always had a feeling that the Lakers were never out of any game. He was famously classy toward abusive opposing fans. You can't fault a guy who lets his craft do the talking. I really just wanted to pay my respects in the manner available to me, with paint."

This isn't the only tribute the Atlanta community has paid to the basketball legend, though. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium illuminated gold and purple to celebrate the life of Bryant as well.

404Era got to work on Monday, just one day after the reported crash in Calabasas, California. They expect the piece to be completed by Tuesday, January 28.

According to the artist, there's a chance that another Atlanta muralist will complete a painting in the space to the left of 404Era's piece.