One cool thing about living in the busy city of Atlanta is the many stars born and raised here. From Kanye West to Chloë Grace Moretz, we are pretty lucky. Another star from Atlanta who has been on the rise the past year is Lil Nas X. The "Old Town Road" artist is 20 years old and has become a rap sensation, even an idol to some. 

Lil Nas X graduated from Lithia Springs High School in Lithia Springs, Georgia just two years ago. He went back to relive his glory days (Oct. 1) and to surprise the students and faculty. How hype would you be if he just was randomly walking down your school halls one day?

Through all his fame and fortune, he has never forgotten where he came from. That is something other stars and celebs need to take note of. 

He was featured on "CBS This Morning" when he told the host, Gayle King, "I definitely felt like some kind of hero, everybody was just going crazy.” Lil Nas, we would all go crazy if you walked into our schools. 

Not only has his song ("Old Town Road") been the longest-running song atop the Billboard charts (17 weeks to be exact), but his sexuality and him coming out has made him a hero to many who are scared to do the same. Some students cried when they saw him, and that speaks more than words ever will. 

He is so cool that he even got to sit in the principal's office, in the principal's chair! Passing all the students, he made sure he acknowledged everyone and took selfies with a few of course. 

If you thought it couldn't get better than that, he performed in the school's gymnasium. Lithia Springs High pretty much got their own private concert for free, which is awesome. 

He's a fashion icon, a rap (sometimes country?) star, inspiration and just an overall great human being. We need to all strive to be like Lil Nas X. 

Atlanta and surrounding cities are prime destinations to spot celebs, and you can even go to the same beauty bars as they go to. You can go ahead and call us lucky.

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