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Love Is Blinds's Cameron & Lauren Are Using Self-Quarantine To Post Super Cute TikTok Videos

Just because we're self-quarantined, doesn't mean we can't have fun. If you need an adorable example, just look to Love Is Blind's Cameron and Lauren. The contestants-turned newlyweds are making the most out of their social distancing by making cute TikTok videos and enjoying their time with one another. 

If you weren't one of the thousands of love-obsessed Netflix viewers who gushed over this love story, then you're missing out on a good one. 

On the hit show featuring singles searching for love, Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed found the real thing only five days into the experience and they've been going strong ever since.

While they weren't able to see each other as both were quantined in individual "pods", the pair were still able to speak to each other and bond over many similarities and Southern roots. 

Both Cameron and Lauren are originally from Atlanta and are currently spending time in their Midtown Atlanta home during the city-wide lockdown.

Instead of watching movies, or re-runs of themselves, the two are dancing to rapper Cookiee Kawaii's latest single "Vibe," - also inviting Cam's dog Sparx into the fun.

Lucky for fans, Lauren is super active on her TikTok and Cameron posting her vids to his Instagram is a gift to all of their admirers.

With Atlanta being one of the most difficult cities for singles to find a date, it's almost a miracle that these two found each other and are becoming one of the cutest reality TV couples that people are loving right now.

While fans are suspecting a spinoff, there are no confirmation of any follow-ups, so for now, the lovebirds are just enjoying each other's time in the ATL, with Sparx in tow.

Casting for Love Is Blind season two will begin in Atlanta soon, so if you're a hopeful single looking for love, then this might be your opportunity to find your Cameron or Lauren to make cute videos with.

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