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MGK Was A Real “Wild Boy” Climbing Railings At His Atlanta Concert Last Night (VIDEO)

He also lit a blunt on stage & fans loved it all!

Machine Gun Kelly, known for his hit single "Wild Boy" with Waka Flocka Flame, really lives true to that title. The Eminem rival goes hard at his shows and is always going above and beyond to please his fans. The Machine Gun Kelly tour stopped in Atlanta at The Coca-Cola Roxy last night and things got pretty crazy when he decided to climb the narrow high rise railings with no support. We're just glad he didn't fall to his death. 

Machine Gun Kelly, who also recently took up acting in his role in Netflix Original Bird Box, is no stranger when it comes to taking risks. The rap legend who isn't afraid to show his distaste toward Eminem is a rebel to say the least.

He is touring with Young Thug for the "Justin Bieber Big Tour" that made a stop in Atlanta last night (Oct. 17) at the Coca-Cola Roxy. He definitely put on an unforgettable show when he decided to climb all around the high rise railings during his performance.

He seemed pretty confident in doing so, even though the platform wasn't wide enough to fit both of his feet. Ironically, he decided to partake in this adventure while singing "Till I Die." Luckily, that wasn't the case and he made it down safely. He was even feeling frisky and kissed a fan on the cheek.

This was especially exciting for fans in the nosebleed seats who got to see him up close and personal. And if you think that's the only risky behavior from last night's concert, think again. Machine Gun Kelly casually (and unapologetically) lit up a blunt on stage and puffed away.

One thing is for sure, you will definitely never be bored at a MGK concert, and fans on Twitter agree.

Especially this fan who claims it was the best concert ever.

It's currently unknown when he will be back in ATL, but keep your eye out because MGK clearly knows how to put on a real show.

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