Football season is upon us and here in the south, we do not take it lightly. It is said that we tailgate harder than anyone in the nation, and it's pretty true. We love football and we love the food and drinking that goes along with it. The Mercedes Benz Stadium has kicked it into high gear and has brought us new options for the 2019-2020 season. 

The Mercedes Benz Stadium is not only beautiful, but it also has amazing food options. It even has Chick-Fil-A for crying out loud. This year, there will be new stands and food options to choose from. 

Most of the time, you spend more time getting food and waiting in line than actually sitting down at the game. There will now be options like a Philly cheesesteak sandwich from Fred's Meats & Breads, new burgers from H&F Burgers, chicken from Hop's Chicken and a mobile grilled cheese station. 

With the size of the Benz, there has to be an extensive amount of food and drink options to satisfy the thousands of people that crowd into it during the Falcons and Atlanta United FC games. 

As of now, there are plenty of amazing stands and vendors that occupy the spaces at the stadium. You will see people carrying around huge sausage dogs, burgers with cheese oozing from all sides and even Frito-pie.

Say hello to all the new vendors because they are some good ones. Fred's Meat & Bread will be serving their famous cheesesteak that has 10 ounces of ribeye steak. Hot Pressed will have their own cart and be creating gourmet grilled cheeses like brisket grilled cheese and chili cheese dog grilled cheese. Is your mouth watering yet?

For those that are on that no meat diet, there will be more options for you as well. Garden Grill will have Beyond Meat burgers and brats along with other vegan snacks. 

We suggest going to a game you don't care about missing because you will be too busy eating all of these new, delicious choices to even pay attention to what's going on. 

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