If there is one thing that hasn't gone out of style throughout the years, it's American's love for movies. Streaming services have taken over, but there's nothing like going on a movie date to the theater. This new Atlanta movie theater with alcohol is coming in 2021 and it'll be the spot to watch all Atlanta-based films.

Pinewood Forest is located in Fayetteville and is a 235-acre residential and mixed-use development adjacent to Pinewood Atlanta Studios, according to Atlanta Business Journal.

Pinewood Atlanta Studios has produced hit movies like the James Bond series, some Star Wars movies and even dabbled in some of the Marvel Universe films. 

The project has been in the works since 2018 and was supposed to break ground in 2019, however construction hasn't gone as planned. 

The original projected date of opening was set for 2020, but has since been pushed back to next year.

On Tuesday, February 18, it was announced that the Pace Lynch Corporation and Spotlight Theatres have broke ground.

There really is no other place like this in all of Atlanta, and that's why there is so much excitement around it.

With ATL being a hub of movies and hit television shows, we question how this spot didn't come to be until now. 

This venue will be the spot for movie premieres of Atlanta-based films and will serve as a place to watch live sporting events.

You'll even be able to rent it out for corporate events and parties. 

There will be nine screens and auditoriums that will hold up to 850 people.

There's even going to be a screen on the rooftop so you can get a completely different movie experience in the outdoors. 

The showings will be in 4k and the screens will be wall to wall. You can also opt for the ultimate VIP experience where you'll be in luxury seating that reclines and is positioned perfectly in front of the large screens. 

When the theater opens, you'll be able to book seats in advance and buy tickets online, just like a regular movie theatre.

There will also be a restaurant and a large concession menu to go along with it that you'll be able to view online before you arrive.