It was a sad day on November 27 when Paris on Ponce was demolished by a massive fire. The iconic landmark housed an eclectic mix of entertainment and culture and it will always live on in our hearts. Part of it will actually live on in real life too because this new bar in Atlanta is basically a replica of one of the most notorious parts of the venue. 

"Le Maison Rouge" was a sultry European-centric "red room" that was a big hit at the Midtown hot spot. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to the classic Paris on Ponce (POP), but we can relive our memories with a brand new Maison Rouge in the downtown area that's opening this spring.

Although it's unknown whether the original location will be rebuilt, you can revel in a similar experience at 57 Forsyth in March. The new downtown location will emulate previous characteristics like cocktail seating, an expanded salon area, and even a smoking area. Talk about a retro French aesthetic.

The Paris-inspired lounge is the perfect place to loosen up with some cocktails with friends or your boo in a dimly lit red room with all the chill vibes.

It's easy to miss the 100-year-old establishment that hosted theatrical performances and housed an eccentric antique market, but this is a new beginning for the brand.

"We see it as part of another division of Paris on Ponce rather than a replacement of our original home," manager Nicolette Valdespino told Narcity.

"We are beyond thrilled to have found such a gorgeous building with such wonderful owners who have welcomed us and eased this transition for us," she continued.

According to What Now Atlanta, the interior of the new and improved space in the Healey Building's market level will cost about $25,000. The 9,000-square-foot space will pay tribute to the exemplary Paris on Ponce look and feel with cultural boudoir art and motifs. 

Owner Skip Engelbrecht claims that it is unknown whether POP's original location will be restored, but it's possible that another version of Le Maison Rouge could be re-created to fill the space.

Mark your calendars for March 1, which is the expected opening date for ATL's newest party place.

Le Maison Rouge Downtown

Price: 💸💸

Address: 57 NW. Forsyth St., Atlanta, GA

Why You Need To Go: Time travel back to 1950s Paris with this eccentric and electric bar and event space that pays tribute to one of ATL's oldest and most well-known landmarks.