Normally when you get back from vacation, you eagerly await the moment you get to flop back into the familiarity of your bed, kick up your feet, and rest. For one Atlanta couple, they didn't get that luxury - they're left to deal with the damage left behind by an unsuspecting creature. In an unusual turn of events, this squirrel destroyed an Atlanta home, causing thousands of dollars in damage. 

First-time homeowners Kari and Dustin Drees were basking in the bliss of recently moving into their Buckhead abode last month. While visiting family during the holidays, they were caught off guard when their home security system alerted them of an intruder. 

That intruder happened to be a lone squirrel who made its way inside the house through the chimney. Despite its unassuming size, it left quite the impression. 

In a fit of confusion and desperation, the squirrel gnawed at the window frames, clawed at the floorboards, and even left the faucet running trying to get out. It later gave up and took residence inside the couch cushions. 

Housing a confused squirrel costs a pretty penny, with damages coming to a total of $15,000

The worst part is that the homeowner's insurance, Mercury Insurance, won't cover even a fraction of that cost. Squirrels are classified as rodents, and a clause in the insurance policy said they don't cover damage from rodents. 

If an animal like a raccoon caused the damage, the couple would have been in the clear. 

What the insurance company did offer was to pay for safe housing for up to two weeks.

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