You Can Pour Your Own Beer At This New Atlanta Bar

A DIY bar.

Atlanta's Beltline is always popping up with new restaurants and bars, and this new place you will not want to miss. It is Atlanta's first self-service tap room with over 85 beer and wine options on tap. Pour Taproom Atlanta is one of the hottest places on the Beltline.

It opened in late April, and they have been growing and offering many different drink options since then. 

When you walk into Pour, you will feel like you walked into paradise. You are surrounded by 85 taps and a cool atmosphere. 

The selections rotate every now and then, so every time you visit, you will not have the same options to choose from. You can try to taste all of them!

The price of the beers vary from $0.35 to $0.85 per ounce, so you won't be breaking the bank. 

Pour is also very technological and futuristic. Whenever you are ready to get to pouring, you will give the host a form of payment and they will hand you a card with a QR code on it. That is how they will track your pours. 

When we say it is do-it-yourself, we really mean it. 

Your card will be loaded with a number of pints that you can get, but you can always get it reloaded. 

The amount of beer options is overwhelming. There are local, craft, IPA, dark, lager, nitro, and cider beer, and that is not all. 

There is a wall that features a few red and white wines for those who are not a fan of beer. 

Pour has paired up with their neighbor on the Beltline, Nina & Rafi's pizza joint. Order your food next door and they will head over to your table at Pour to deliver your food. 

You will find different board games, large screens for watching sports, and you will also notice a few charging ports on the tables so it is a great place to knock out some work. 

So many options of beverages, no waiting in line, and no wasting money on drinks you do not like, you have to visit Pour Taproom in Atlanta. 

Before you get to drinking, head over to the Beltline's new restaurant, Hawkers to grab some grub before!

Pour Taproom is open from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. and make sure to follow their Instagram to see new features that will be coming. 

Pour Taproom ATL

Price: $0.35-$0.85 per ounce

Address: 661 Auburn Ave NE Ste 230, Atlanta, GA 30312

Why you should go: There are 85 taps of different beer, wine, and ciders and you pay by the ounce so you are not dishing out a bunch of money on drinks you do not like.