You Can Road Trip Just Two Hours West Of Atlanta To This Underground Wonder With Secret Waterfalls

Alabama has some great hidden treasures.
Road Trip Destination Near Atlanta Is A Majestic Wonder With Secret Waterfalls

When trying to find a weekend adventure or even a day trip adventure, you should start thinking about road tripping outside of Georgia. We have so many cool destinations in Georgia, but sometimes you need to get away from it all and hop over to another state. Alabama is home to one of the greatest roadtrip destinations near Atlanta that has turned into a beautiful sight to see. 

Neversink Pit is located in Jackson County, Alabama near Fackler, Alabama, which is only two and a half hours from Atlanta. This cool spot is close enough to just spend the day, or even just the night. 

We have one spot in Georgia that is similar to this location, but this is somewhere you have to experience at least once in your life because it is so cool and unique. 

This is a natural wonder in Alabama that you actually have to travel underground to see. This sinkhole is 40-feet wide and is 162-feet deep. Neversink Pit is so beautiful and out of this world that it is one of the most photographed sinkholes in the entire world. 

The best way to view the hole is by climbing down into the cave, but you can only do that if you are an experienced climber and have a permit because it is so dangerous. 

If you are not an experienced climber, don't fret. You can still take the 30-minute hike from the parking lot to the sinkhole. Even if you can't actually climb down it, you can view it from the top and it is just as amazing. Make sure you take precautions to not get close to the edge, and again, only experienced climbers with a permit can climb. 

There are hidden waterfalls all throughout the hole, and sometimes you can see them from the top. Ivy and ferns cover the walls of the pit, and it makes it even more magical to look at.

If you are trying to find an adventure off the beaten path and trying to get out of Georgia for the weekend, this is a great spot to head to. Traveling north of Atlanta, you can check out this new zip line-rollercoaster hybrid in Tennesee. 

Neversink Pit 

Price: Free!

Address: Unnamed Road, Fackler, AL 35746

Why You Need To Go: It is a wonder that is one of the most photographed sinkholes in the entire world. Only experienced climbers can enter, but it is beautiful to look at. 

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