This State Park Only 2 Hours From Atlanta Has a Creepy Tunnel With A Waterfall

Only 2 hours away!
Road Trip From Atlanta To South Carolina For The Ultimate Spring Adventure

Georgia has so many amazing places to see, but if you feel like you've seen it all, it's time to hop in the car. You can head over to our neighboring state of South Carolina and start exploring their great wonders. Spring and summertime mean warm weather and road trips, and we have the perfect place for you and your friends to go. This road trip from Atlanta to South Carolina is only two hours and will take you to an eerie spot. 

Stumphouse Tunnel in Walhalla, South Carolina was originally created for trains but became to be too much of an expense. Now, the 1,700-foot tunnel is able to be explored and walked through for a creepy adventure. There's even a waterfall in this park that you can explore as well. 

This is not only a tunnel - there is an entire park you can explore to make it an all-day affair. Along with the tunnel and the waterfall, you can take a 2.5-mile hike past the waterfall to see beautiful views of "the upstate." 

If you're into the creepy vibe, exploring this tunnel first is a must. You're able to explore about a quarter of a mile of unfinished tunnel. You might not want to wear your best shoes because it gets muddy.

You'll be happy to hear that the tunnel stays at a constant 50 degrees throughout the entire year. This is key because we all know how hot and humid the South can get. 

Issaqueena Falls is in the vicinity of this tunnel and if you're up for the hike, you should take this on. It's a strenuous one, so be prepared. You can also drive to the parking lot and it'll only be a quarter of a mile hike up. 

Once you get to the falls, there is an observation deck where you can see the falls and take as many pictures as your heart desires. 

It's only $5 per car to enter the park and explore all that it has to offer. There are plenty of picnic tables and pavilions as well so you can bring a few snacks and relax all day.

Stumphouse Park 

Price: $5

Address: Stumphouse Tunnel Rd., Walhalla, SC 

Why You Need To Go: This short two-hour trip from Atlanta will take you to an eerie tunnel you can walk through and a waterfall. 

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