New Orleans' past is rich in dark, mystical history and there's no better time to celebrate the beloved culture than Halloween time. Skip the basic costume block parties this year because this road trip from Atlanta is worth the blood-sucking vibes. This Vampire Ball is everything you need for the best spooky season yet.

If you are looking to bring out your inner scene/goth teen (or maybe it really wasn't just a phase), The New Orleans Vampire Ball 2020 is the spot for you.

The annual event is hosted by Endless Night, which has been throwing massive, immersive parties in cities across the world since 1996.

According to the official site, Endless Night is best described as "a Venetian Masquerade, meets a vampire court, with the elegance of a burlesque cabaret and the energy of a rock concert."

This annual 4-day NOLA freakshow is nothing short of a real-life Dracula scene because the costumes are all too real. The focal point of the event are the party-goers and their costumes.

Guests are required to follow a strict, themed dress code that basically says "go big or go home."

Level 1 dress code is "Black on Black" which allows guests to sport a classic black suit or cocktail dress (masks and fangs encouraged).

Level 2 is "Motifs" which include vampire, baroque, pagan, steampunk and much more. Last but not least, Level 3 is the "Upper Echelon" (imagine Venice Carnivale in New Orleans).

This is your a chance to express your creativity (and your inner Vampire Diaries fangirl) as you transform into a life-like mythical monster for the night.

The best part is that you'll be surrounded by hundreds of others who are doing the same, so all the dark energies will be flowing.

The interactive extravaganza boasts dedicated and elaborate costume-wearers, but there's much more to it than just that. You'll become immersed even further into the darkness when "Cirque at Midnight" takes the stage.

The performance includes the reveal for next year's Endless Night, the howl (with Father Sebastian), three acts and a costume contest.

You can expect to drink plenty of cocktails, experience rituals, hear lots of live music and even sink your fangs into a VIP 4-star dinner.

General admission tickets start at $100 for events Thursday through Saturday, plus a free t-shirt. 

You can make your night even more memorable by capturing professional photos on the Vampire Throne, which aims to make every guest feel like the VIP Dark Royalty that they are.

Check out the Facebook page to get a detailed lineup of happenings at the event.

New Orleans Vampire Ball 2020

Price: $100+ 

When: October 29-November 1

Address: 225 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: Celebrate Halloween the right way on a road trip to an immersive Vampire fest.