We all thought scooters were a great idea when they first came out because not only are they convenient, they are super fun to ride. That is until riders started getting hit by cars and people began littering the streets and sidewalks with them. Atlanta is striving to improve these issues so that we can continue to enjoy these electric transporters. These self-driving scooters coming to Atlanta may just be the golden ticket. 

Self-driving scooters may sound hilarious but it's almost 2020 so are we even surprised? In thirty years, we will probably be able to operate our daily lives without moving a muscle. Tortoise may be helping us move in that direction because the modern tech start-up lets scooters literally come to you. 

The company's goal is to incorporate their cutting-edge technology into existing electric scooters so that they can literally drive themselves slowly (hence the name), which will hopefully solve the cluttering issue. People tend to leave the scooters right in the middle of the streets and sidewalks, creating a less-than-ideal aesthetic (plus a perfect opportunity to trip and injure yourself). 

There's nothing quite as disappointing as finding a scooter only to realize it's dead. That poses another issue: people aren't taking low-battery scooters to the charging docks.

Worry no more, because Tortoise is here to (hopefully) save the day. These bad boys will drive themselves to charge up and when you decide you want to ride (but there's no scooter in sight) they will come straight to you.

Of course, because we're so cool, Atlanta is the first to see them. They are currently testing the technology in Peachtree Corners at Atlanta Tech Park and if all goes well, they plan to launch here in November. Atlanta will be the only U.S. city to have them first, along with two other markets in Europe.

Don't get us wrong, when you're actually on the scooter, you will be operating it (we would be concerned if you thought lightly pressing a button is too much work). They will self-operate when driving to customers and charging stations. We are cracking up at the thought of unmanned scooters swarming the city. But like we said, it's almost 2020 so anything goes.

Also coming to Atlanta (in addition to only two other U.S. cities) are these scooters with seats, the first-ever scooters with turn signals and side mirrors that will hopefully help solve safety issues. And people are seeming to love the pop-up scooter-friendly lanes that launched in Midtown this week. 

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