No matter what generation you're from, you know and love the classic 1978 romantic musical, Grease. Sandy and Danny are timeless couple goals that still set the stage for dreamy teen lust over 40 years later. We can all picture the biker-themed attire that still shows up in Halloween costumes today. Spanx owner Sara Blakely just bought Olivia Newton John's actual pants from the movie for over $162,000.

Spanx, an Atlanta-based, female-owned women's clothing empire has completely changed the game when it comes to spandex. Most of us (even though we may not like to admit) have been transformed by the smoothing, slenderizing illusion created by the stretchy attire. 

Founder Sara Blakely is total #girlboss goals, earning her way to the top as Forbes' world's youngest, self-made female billionaire in 2012. Her idea to glamorize another female icon, Grease actress Olivia Newton John, is totally brilliant. The tight, motorcycle-style clothing is a major symbol of the film and the actual satin pants that Olivia (AKA Sandy) wore are now owned by Blakely. She will frame and display them at Spanx headquarters in Atlanta.

With iconic Hollywood paraphernalia comes a pretty hefty price. Blakely dropped a whopping $162K in an auction for the pants. Over 500 costumes and ensembles from the blockbuster were auctioned off in California and online, with proceeds benefitting the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre (Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992).

Sandy's famous leather jacket was auctioned off for $243,000. Can't put a price on classic, ground-breaking productions. We'd say this purchase is a super smart marketing move with a cause. Props to you, Sara, for making the legend of Sandra Dee live on at Spanx. 

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