It's officially winter here in Atlanta, and while the temps may not be as low as they usually are this time of year, that doesn't mean you don't want to plan a getaway to the beach. However, before you get there, you're going to have to find amazing flight deals from Atlanta so you can start planning your spring break 2020 getaway. If you have a flexible schedule, you may just be surprised by the kinds of deals you can find.

In fact, if going to Cancun sounds like the beach trip of your dreams, then you should start looking for tickets in March. If you decide to fly on specific dates, you can get tickets for as low as $250 round trip. That's an incredible deal, especially when you consider how pricey flights to Mexico can be.

If you can, make sure you are as flexible as possible when you are booking your dates — you're not going to be able to fly this cheaply on every day of the month.

As a general rule, it is usually easier to find good deals on weekdays instead of on the weekends.

If you're wondering what you're going to do once you reach Cancun, don't worry — you have plenty of options. The beaches are gorgeous with blue, crystal-clear waters and lots of shallow beaches where you can wade out into the ocean. You may even just want to set up shop on the beach for a week.

However, there are plenty of spots to explore as well. Feel free to venture beyond Cancun to get an authentic Mexican experience. The food is delicious, the culture is beautiful, and the people are friendly, so don't be afraid to get out there and see all that Mexico has to offer.

Be sure to check out other flight deals to see where else you can go in the upcoming months. Just look in advance, and you're sure to find an amazing flight deal to a dream location.

You can also escape to Puerto Rico for cheap or visit Florida for a crazy-low price.

Flights From Atlanta to Cancun

Original Price: $444

Sale Price: $250

Why You Need It: Escape the cold Georgia weather and get some sun and sand in your life.