Making your road trip list for the summertime will help you pass the time and help you get excited for what's to come. Flowers are going to start blooming soon and it's going to be fruit-picking season. You can startin planning to explore this sunflower field near Georgia for the ideal summer adventure.

Beechwood Farm in Marietta, South Carolina is only about two and a half hours from Atlanta and would be a great weekend adventure outside of your hometown. 

While sunflowers don't usually bloom until July/August, you can start planning your trip now so you can save up and make an entire little vacation out of it. 

The huge field of sunflowers will catch your attention as soon as you start driving up to the farm; you'll probably be in awe of the beauty.

Located at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you'll not only get to see pretty flowers, but you'll have a cool view of mountains as well.

Because this is such a great location, each year the farm offers photo sessions (photographer not included) for only $35 per hour. 

A few days during the season, they have u-pick events as well. You'll be able to pick your very own sunflowers and take them home to decorate your house.

You have to bring your own shears, but it's totally worth it. Once it gets closer to season, dates and prices will be announced on their website so you know exactly when to visit. 

They also have a roadside stand that you can buy fresh fruit and produce from before you head on your way. 

Beechwood Farms

Price: 💸

Address: 204 Bates Bridge Rd., Marietta, SC

Why You Need To Go: The huge field of sunflowers is on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains which makes for beautiful scenery.