This Brand New Sushi Spot In Midtown Atlanta Has Boozy Slushies & They're Everything

vodka slushies + sushi = match made in heaven
Sushi Spot In Midtown Atlanta Finally Opened In Midtown & It's Truly Sushi Heaven

Is sushi always on your mind? Because it's always on ours. There's never a bad time to grab a roll, but with all the options we have in ATL, it can be challenging to find the best of the best. The newest and long-awaited sushi spot in Midtown Atlanta is everything you could ever dream of when it comes to fresh and innovative Asian delights.

Sukoshi opened yesterday (Sept. 23) in Colony Square, and we are proud to be home to its second location (first location opened last year in Charlotte, North Carolina). The playful Tokyo-esque aesthetic with bright pastels houses everything you need on your lunch break, or even for a night out before hitting the Midtown bars.

The first bite proves evident that the ingredients are SUPER fresh, authentic and of course, insanely scrumptious. The restaurant offers an "Omakase" option in which you can sample a 5-course sushi selection for only $30. They are also known for their in-and-out service with fresh, pre-made sushi waiting for you in their grab-and-go fridge (if you so happen to be in a rush). 

The menu will seriously surprise your tastebuds in the best ways possible. Get ready for a never-before-tasted unique blend of freshness with their Rainbowl, a colorful concoction of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, ponzu, pear, edamame, mango, cucumber and sesame seeds.

In terms of rolls, the Mermaid Roll is a MUST (scallop, salmon, tempura fried, eel sauce, spicy aioli and scallions). There are lots of other options including small bites, salads and even non-seafood selections like sirloin.

They also offer a deliciously imaginative miso caramel soft serve ice cream that is rich and creamy beyond belief. Also to satisy your sweet tooth (and your need for a little buzz), you have to try their alcoholic slushies, including the Sugar N Spice made with habanero vodka and passion fruit.

Sukoshi is the perfect place to dine and drink al fresca while you're surrounded by skyscrapers and plenty of people-watching.

Atlanta sushi fiends, gather 'round because there is lots more to discover in the city, like this sushi spot with swing chairs and cocktails filled with actual cotton candy and this crazy good restaurant with unlimited sushi for only $16.


Price: $10-$30

Cuisine: Asian

Address: 1201 Peachtree St NE Suite 140, Atlanta, GA 30361

Why You Need To Go: To experience a unique and creative blend of fresh and delicious flavors at this whimsical new sushi hot spot in Midtown.

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