The Atlanta Botanical Gardens Is Hosting Enchanting Alice In Wonderland-Themed Parties This Summer

Thirsty Thursdays just got a whole lot better.
The Atlanta Botanical Gardens Is Hosting Enchanting Alice In Wonderland-Themed Parties This Summer

If you've lived in Georgia for any period of time, chances are that you've visited the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Despite how long you've lived here, you've probably never experienced the gardens on this level. Thanks to summer's arrival, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens throws the best Thursday night parties in the city. 

Thursdays in Atlanta can be hit or miss, but an evening at the gardens proves to be a hit every time. 

From now through the end of September, you'll have the chance to experience "Cocktails in the Garden" every Thursday night. 

You'll instantly fall in love with this event because you get all of the incredible views of insanely crafted flora without the sweatiness that Georgia heat brings. The event kicks off at 5:30 p.m., so things will slowly begin to cool down into the magical evening, which ends at 9:30 p.m.

The featured exhibit, Imaginary Worlds: Alice in Wonderland, showcases the most iconic characters from the classic movie, and a few other mythical, extinct, and simply beloved creatures. 

As the sun sets, you'll begin to witness the transformation of the greenery, which is displayed in multi-colored lights as the darkness moves in. 

There are cash bars, lawn games, and live entertainment each Thursday. Chef demos will take place in the outdoor kitchen. If the small tastes from the demos aren't enough to fill you, you can dine at the restaurant, Longleaf.  

There is no additional cost to access the festivities if you purchase daily admission for $21.95.

Leave the kiddos at home because this event was crafted for the 21+ crowd. 

If you love the mixture of museums and parties, the next events on your bucket list should be Fernbank After Dark and the Georgia Aquarium's Fourth of July celebration.  

Cocktails in the Garden 

Price: Free with $21.95 general admission ticket 

Address: 1345 Piedmont Ave. N.E.,Atlanta, GA 

Why You Need To Go: The exhibit is breathtaking, the drinks hit the spot, and there are a plethora of activities to keep you entertained. 


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