It's been three years since we bid farewell to the Obamas from the White House, but the iconic First family still captivates the minds and hearts of millions nationwide. While meeting Michelle and Barack Obama face-to-face isn't a guaranteed occurrence, the next best thing is capturing a picture with their life-sized portraits. The Atlanta High Museum of Art exhibits are becoming even more enthralling with the addition of the official portraits of the Obamas, coming in 2022. 

The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery is sending the prized portraits of the 44th President and First Lady around the country on a nationwide tour, with Atlanta's High Museum of Art being one of the coveted stops. 

Artist Kehinde Wile is credited with creating the vibrant painting of Barack Obama, who is seen surrounded by various foliage and flowers. The rather unconventional painting is a far cry from portraits of presidents past. 

Each type of flower in the painting is representative of the three locations that are part of his identity: Hawaii, Chicago, and Kenya. 

Michelle Obama's equally grand piece was created by Amy Sherald, a Baltimore-based artist. Sherald's aim was to make the former First Lady appear both confident and approachable

Additionally, she explains that Michelle is a figure "women can relate to — no matter what shape, size, race, or color... We see our best selves in her,” she said. 

Outside of Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Houston will also host the portraits. Each location will house the works for roughly two months. 

The portraits will be on display at the High Museum of Art from January 14 through March 13, 2022.

Expect to wait in line to snap your photos with the portrait, but look at it this way — you might not get another opportunity to do so so close to home.