You Can Explore This Hidden Trail In Atlanta That Has A Waterfall & Secret Tunnel

Tranquility in the city.
You Can Explore This Hidden Trail In Atlanta That Has A Waterfall & Secret Tunnel

Finding hikes in Georgia that are not so populated and are off the beaten path can be difficult. The best hikes in Georgia are ones that lead you to waterfalls, and those that are harder to find. You can find one of these secret waterfalls on a trail right here in Atlanta.

Atlanta’s Cascade Springs Nature Preserve is located in southwest Atlanta and is a spot that you need to check out. This easy to moderate hike is only 1.9 miles round trip, so you will get in a small workout without taking up most of your day.

You will have a sense of calm wash over you when you are here; it will actually feel like you are a thousand miles away from the city. 

This preserve is on 120 acres filled with greenery, huge trees, multiple natural springs and a waterfall. The hike is filled with pieces of history from the Civil War, too. 

When you start off on your hike, you will cross a boardwalk used as a line of defense by the Civil War troops. There is also a cute stone-and-mortar springhouse that sits over a spring. 

Throughout your entire hike, you will be crossing over large roots, old gravel roadbeds and fern and ivy on the forest floor. 

After around 1.3 miles, you will have finally reached what you have been waiting for: the cascading falls. The falls cascade under a bridge and ivy covers the boulders that surround it. This spot looks like something right out of a movie and is a great place to take a break. The bridge has a tunnel that you can explore and take beautiful pictures in and around. 

Making your way back to the trailhead, you will walk over a long boardwalk that follows many springs. If you are looking for more hidden hikes to waterfalls throughout the state, like this hike to a trickling waterfall that you can actually stand behind. You can also follow this short trail to two cascading waterfalls right in Helen, Georgia. 

Cascade Springs Nature Preserve Trail

Price: Free!

Address: 2852 Cascade Rd., Atlanta, GA 30311

Why You Need To Go: You will see Civil War trenches and spots on this trail and you will be lead to a cascading waterfall. 

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