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You Can Eat Sushi Donuts & Sushi Corndogs At Atlanta's New Mini Food Court

Wait til you get your hands on these.

Sushi is the holy grail of Asian cuisine, but who knew there were so many ways to eat it? Sushi burritos took the world by storm a few years back, but now you can experience even more unique sushi concoctions beyond your wildest dreams. Indulge in sushi donuts and corndogs alike at Atlanta's new food hub in Midtown.

The Collective, located at Midtown's new Coda Tech Square, will be comprised of a group of award-winning restaurants. Coda Tech Square is a new professional establishment that just opened in Midtown in Spring 2019. It's high-tech, sleek aesthetic makes you feel like you stepped into the future. It's massive 660,000-square-foot space holds the tallest spiral staircase in the world.

The Collective is expected to open in Fall 2019, but specific dates are unknown at this time. Narcity will continue to follow the story and provide an update when the date is released. The four new delish dining options include El Burro Pollo, Poke Burri, Wildleaf and Aviva by Kameel. The floor-level restaurant and retail space at Coda will be located at 771 Spring Street in Midtown and will include a 20,000-square-foot seating area.

Poke Burri, with an existing location in East Atlanta Village (EAV), is home to all things sushi. They serve tons of out-of-the-ordinary, but crazy good sushi masterpieces including sushi pizza, sushi burritos, sushi donuts and sushi corndogs. Speaking of donuts and unique foods, check out this new amazing donut shop in Atlanta.

These sushi concoctions are super yummy and totally instagrammable. Some of these things are on their secret menu, so make sure to ask for them. Not surprisingly, Poke Burri is recognized in Creative Loafing's "Top 100 Dishes to Eat in Atlanta Now."

Speaking of burritos, you can get the real (big) deal at El Burro Pollo, which was originally a pop-up but will now be permanent at Coda. Appropriately named, the burrito joint's most prized menu item is the El Burro Pollo made with chicken barbacoa. You can expect to see other menu items like ceviche, smoked tofu burritos and pig's head tacos.

The Collective will also have Wildleaf, a healthier option to balance out the (totally worth it) indulgences. Just like Poke Burri, Wildleaf was also featured in "Top 100 Dishes to Eat in Atlanta Now." You can expect there to be yummy salads, grain bowls, soups and smoothies. This will be Wildleaf's third location in Atlanta and another new one is expected to open in Buckhead by September 2019.

Last but not least, you can find Aviva by Kameel, a decadent Mediterranean spot with dishes like a falafel and chicken shawarma sandwich, eggplant ratatoulle and wild caught salmon.

The Collective at Coda Tech Square

Price: $10-$30

Address: 771 Spring St NW Atlanta, GA 30308

Why you should go: To indulge in unique dishes from award-winning restaurants, with the freedom to try a variety of different ethnic foods all in one super cool space.