Candytopia was a hit in Atlanta when it popped up for a few months over the summer. It was an exhibit that had many rooms that you could explore with interactive aspects all around it. The creators of this interactive pop-up in Atlanta have done it again, this time, with toys. 

The Toys 'R' Us Adventure is coming to Atlanta in October and it is going to be a similar concept of Candytopia. Adults can release their inner child with larger than life toys and games. It will be located in the Lennox Marketplace. 

Specific dates have not been released yet, but just like Candytopia, this interactive experience will only be around for a few months and only in Atlanta and Chicago, as of now. Atlanta has so many interactive pop-ups that come to town, so we know this one will be nothing short of incredible. 

Toys 'R' Us was like heaven for us when we were kids. We can still remember the feeling of walking in and being bombarded by thousands of toys to choose from. You now have the chance to relive your childhood at this pop-up experience.

While many details have not been revealed quite yet, (building the suspense aren't they) there are a few things we can tell you. 

Each room will be filled with life-sized toys and activities that everyone, no matter your age, will love to participate in. There will be toys from before we were born to the newest gadgets out there. 

All of your five senses will be on high alert and will be put to the test. There will be so many photo ops that you obviously will have to fill up your Instagram feed. 

Just like Candytopia, tickets for adults will run about $28 a piece and you must purchase them online before you arrive at the doors.

Toys 'R' Us Adventure 

Price: $28

When: October 2019

Address: 3535 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

Why You Need To Go: Just like Candytopia, this will be an immersive, interactive experience that will heighten all your senses.