First there was American Idol, then came The Voice, and now we have The Masked Singer. Each year, media entertainment seems to get more and more extravagant and this popular sing-off series hits the nail on the head when it comes to crazy talent shows with a twist. The show's second episode, which aired Tuesday (Oct. 1), has viewers scratching their heads wondering who the sassy, Masked Singer Black Widow is. Many swear that it's Raven Symone.

The Masked Singer, now in its second season, keeps fans glued to their TVs as they watch and wonder which celeb identities are hidden under these insane head-to-toe costumes. From professional singers to athletes, these stars use the power of singing in a face-off as judges determine who can rock the stage with the most captivating voice. 

Season two, hosted by Nick Cannon (who also DJ'd Atlanta's Sugar Factory grand opening), brings 16 new celebs with even more memorable costumes than last year. Even though Americans love to get all in their feels with viral talent series, the most exciting part of this one is trying to figure out the man (or woman) behind the masks. With a sassy and mysterious (and even kind of creepy) costume, Black Widow has caught the viewers' attention with her powerful aura.

Clues of film reels and paintings of peaches imply that the star is from (or lives in) Georgia and is in the film industry.

The Judges, who were awe-struck by the performance, all had different theories about who this talented disguised vocalist could be, including Yvette Nicole Brown, Glee star Amber Riley and even Oprah Winfrey.

However, several fans have expressed on Twitter that they are 100% convinced that Black Widow is Raven Symone. Could they be channeling their inner Raven Baxter by predicting the future?

They are even getting in their nostalgic feels here, reminscining on the days of The Cheetah Girls (when Disney was actually fire).

And of course, you can't forget That's So Raven. Man, do we miss those days. I mean, she sang her own theme song, sang in The Cheetah Girls and even released a few albums in her day, so it's clear the girl can sing.

This mysterious talent admits she "hides in plain sight" and she is doing it well. Stay tuned to The Masked Singer on Fox to determine if these theories are actually true. For more live entertainment, check out the adorable live panda cam at Zoo Atlanta.