When it was announced that Atlanta was getting a Pokémon-inspired pop-up event, we were all so excited to relive our childhood and feel all nostalgic. The pop-up is unfortunately not happening this month, and honestly, it's for good reason.

Apparently the organizers of PokéBar, the Pokémon themed pop-up bar, did not recieve licensing permissions from Nintendo to use the Pokémon brand and/or likeness to host these events (ooops).

*This event has since been cancelled indefinitely after the publishing of this article. 

The pop-up was slated to hit Atlanta Oct. 26, however, ticket holders were emailed via Eventbrite on Friday (Sept. 27) of the event being cancelled. Luckily for Atlanta, we will still be getting some bit of fun out of this fiasco. The pop-up bar, no longer Pokémon themed, will still happen just not with nostalgia vibes. 

“Despite being unaffiliated with Pokémon Nintendo, the event organizers unfortunately had been given no other option but to change the name of the event and a number of elements, including the date," wrote Terry Adams of Hyper Publics Relations in an email to Eater. "We are currently in the process of rebranding and relaunching in Atlanta."

With such short notice of the unforunate events, Atlantans can choose to get a full refund or tranfer their $55 ticket to the newly branded, The Monster Burger Bar Brunch, expected to take place in February. Narcity has reached out to Adams for more information on this new event and will update this article with more information. 

This new pop-up bar will still have trivia, games and the obligatory cocktails, but no pokemon training gals fullfilled (womp, wmp). If there is one thing Atlantian's love, it is their brunch, so this event has the potential to be just as great as what was originally planned. 

As sad as we are to not experience PokéBar, there is a chance to still enjoy a new event and meet new people, just with a different theme and name. Sometimes, we just have to roll with the punches and see what this new event is all about. In the meantime, you have to check out these 11 super fun things to do in Atlanta this month and you have to watch the Draconid Meteor Shower from these Georgia locations.