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The Tomorrow War Movie Was Caught Filming Near A MARTA Station In Atlanta

Atlanta is constantly the open set for multiple major movies and sometimes we get sneak peeks of the coming attractions. Over the weekend (January 18), Chris Pratt was caught shooting The Tomorrow War movie, his latest project, in the city. Atlantans that were in a nearby hotel caught glimpses of a presumably action-packed shooting scene. 

The Tomorrow War has been a long-anticipated film that we're excited is finally in the works. Originally titled Ghost Draft, this film began production late 2019 with the talented Chris Pratt as the lead character.

Over the weekend, locals in the Downtown Atlanta area caught shots of the filming of a combat scene with Pratt running down the street and into flying bullets.

There's little information about the film, but what we do know is that Pratt's character has to save all of humanity from an alien invasion. However, to do so, he must first confront some interior issues. No pressure, right? 

Pratt himself also retweeted the video and captioned, "I was wondering who that was on the balcony above us with the camera! Cool footage! And just a taste of what people can expect on "

This first official picture Pratt posted on Instagram (November 9) of the film showcased his army ready for war. With little to no information on the movie, Pratt and team have found other ways to build hype around the release.

Fans could win an on-set tour with Pratt where he'd "read you poetry if you’re into that kind of thing," as he captioned on Instagram (December 16), along with the promise of a "poetry free lunch" and a cameo on his Instagram.

Filming just wrapped up last week, though, so the opportunity passed us by to hang out with the Avengers star. 

The Tomorrow War is set to release in theaters December 25 of this year. In the meantime, catch more action-packed thrill rides around Atlanta.

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