We're coming to that time of year when you seriously have to start planning for the next few months. Where are you going to be? What are you buying all of your loved ones for the holidays? What are you going to buy yourself to wear? With all these money woes, you'll want an extra few dollars in your pockets to make the most of your holiday season. There's holiday jobs around Atlanta you can take for Christmas break so you can guarantee you'll be rolling in dough by Christmas.

Make bath bombs

When you walk within a mile of a Lush, you know that scent. You can see the happiness practically pouring out of the stores. Right now, Lush Cosmetics locations are hiring for seasonal positions in Lenox and Perimeter mall. Who doesn't want to smell like a cotton-candy dream 24/7? This is seriously a no brainer.

Zoo Atlanta 

Yes, you can spend your days being surrounded by all your fave furry animals, even if you are just standing behind a cash register. Zoo Atlanta is looking for bubbly happy faces to greet people at the entrance. You'll be a natural while telling guests about the panda cam live streaming at all times. You'll sound so knowledgeable in your new position.



Macy's is a madhouse during the holidays, but in the best way possible. Not only are there thousands of departments, but they need four times the staff during the holidays. It's all hands on deck and you will even be able to grab extra shifts when people decide to go away for the holidays. It's the easiest holiday job to secure.


Godiva Chocolatier

With so many people looking to add special touches to their homes for the holidays, chocalate sales are on the rise. Not only will this job be super fun, but you'll see the process and learn how chocolate is made from the pros. While we don't encourage stealing, we're sure they'll let you snag one or two.


Pet Minders

This is your time to shine. If you're a true dog or cat lover, then this is the holiday job for you. People go away and leave their pets with sitters to take care of them fwhile they're gone. All you have to do is make sure it gets the same amount of love and play (and food) as it normally would. You can literally play all day.



While everyone else is running around, who's taking care of Pebbles? You are! Professional dog walkers are a thing and very necessary, especially during the holidays. You can make someone else's holiday go smoothly by signing up and being the person they call when in a bind, also, they will tip. Bonus!


Callaway Gardens 

You can hang out with Santa at one of the prettiest places in Atlanta during your holidays. At Callaway Gardens, you'll take photos of happy families and count their dollars as yours stack as well. You'll basically be Santa's little helper, which is truly a story for the books.


King Of Pops

It may seem odd for a ice cream shop to need extra help during the cold season, but elves are always needed for the holidays. During November and December, "pop slingers" become "elf helpers" that deliver Christmas joy (mainly to office parties). You'll want to be a part of these celebrations because they tend to tip nicely as well.


Disney Store

You can live out your Disney princess dreams and make money while doing it. The Disney Store needs double the staff during the holidays because no one wants to get trampled by kids and their toys. You will man the registers and be the bright face parents and kids will love to see.