U.S. Media has really been switching up the game on female beauty standards and we're here for it! Places like Aerie and Target are including tons of different body types in their advertising, as well as including a wider range of sizing options. Basically, the world is beginning to shout, "All women are beautiful and your body doesn't define you!" (s/o to Ashley Graham for being such a huge part of this movement). These body-positive models in Atlanta are making it big and they're sending influential vibes to the Atlanta community. 

Atlanta is not new to the curve game. The Atlanta Center for Wellness offers body-positive groups sessions, and local universities like Georgia Tech are offering body-positive health initiatives. In terms of the modeling industry, Ursula Wiedmann Models is one of the most successful agencies in the Southeast - and a huge part of their success is credited to their curvy talent pool. Let's get a closer look at these three UWM curve models who are totally killing the game with their unique looks and styles

Eileen Gilbert

Eileen, originally from Germany, has made her mark in the curve community through Urusula Wiedmann Models and Dorothy Combs Models. Her beautiful skin tone and outstanding features coupled with her radiating confidence, have classified her as killing it! She has landed several gigs with big name clients in the U.S., including Lane Bryant and TJ Maxx. She models in Germany as well - and takes great pride in her roots. And get this, she has been featured in an ad for  VOGUE GERMANY. Get it, Eileen!


Grace Edwards

Grace has been modeling for UWM for several years and has since picked up exclusive gigs with big-name clients like Kohls and Dillards! Her local success has led her to sign with agencies in *many cities, and even abroad in European countries! She has been featured in several catalogs in places like Germany and France. It's super refreshing and inspiring to see her beautiful curves glorified not only in the U.S., but abroad! With her fierce radiance, Grace is making a huge difference in the body-positive community.


Jacy Perrin

Jacy is fairly new to UWM and to the modeling game in general, but she instantly won. it. over. Her other model friends convinced her to give it a shot and she had almost instant success - she has been featured in ads and in-store signage for big brands like Target! And the cool thing is, she is right at *5'6", which is below the standard height in the industry. Another step in the right direction ;) Her unique features add a beautifully mysterious look and make her pop behind the camera!


Hats off to these girls for their success and influence on female confidence in the Atlanta community! 

*This article has been updated.