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9 Atlanta Celebrity Homes That Are Basically Castles (PHOTOS)

We're going broke just looking at them.
These 9 Celebs Have Crazy Huge Million Dollar Homes In Atlanta

Atlanta is crawling with tons of rap legends, pop stars and athletes, many of which call the city their home. Atlanta celebs are proud of their roots (as they should be) and those roots are firmly grounded in some amazing multi-million-dollar mansions in ATL. These celebrity homes in Atlanta are absolutely jaw-dropping and you can see them for yourself.

Now that Atlanta is known as the "Hollywood of The South", the entertainment industry is seriously booming, bringing tons of  stars to our city to film. Some stars even like it so much, they decided to move here. The real estate beloning to these ten legends is enough to make your jaw drop. Scavenger hunts are always fun, so grab your binoculars and hop in the car with your squad because celeb homes are everywhere around the city.

From Justin Bieber to Dwight Howard, we have the inside scoop on where some of these celebs live. We know where they like to hang out here, too.

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard just bought an $8 million mansion in the city and his love for superheros has come to life in his extravagant home. He even has a purple Thanos-inspired car.

Tyler Perry

In 2010, Tyler Perry (who's massive studio is in ATL) bought a $7.6 million estate near Johns Creek known as “Dean Gardens” that he demolished to build his own customized home. The home is said to be valued at $40 million and is now on the market.

Cardi B.

Cardi B. and Offset have finally settled down in Atlanta and they claim to be staying put! They are upping their real estate investment game, buying tons of properties in Jonesboro. It is rumored that Cardi lives in the Lenox area and has been spotted at the Target on Peachtree Rd NE.

Justin Bieber

Beiber stans (and there are a lot of them) claim to know the exact address of Bieber's home in Brookhaven/Buckhead area, which seems to be a really popular neighborhood for celebs.


The native Atlanta rapper (and novelist) T.I. paid $830,000 for a 5,000+ square foot estate near Jonesboro back in 2005.


Atlanta-born rapper (who isn't afraid to brag about his roots lyrically) has a massive mansion in South Fulton (where the players play).


Dreamy R&B legend from The A has several homes through the season. He's been selling them like hotcakes though and this one was just put on the market in April for $970,000.

Rick Ross

Ross’s insane 54,000-square-foot mansion takes up a whopping 104 acres, has more than 100 rooms, a bowling alley and theater. It also has the biggest pool in the country.

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane's massive 6,000 square foot mansion sits pretty in Marietta.

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